Wednesday, 30 November 2011

This is my very first post and I am terrified.

As I am writing my first blog entry, I am home alone. At night. And yes, I am a coward.

And instead of working on my English paper which is due tomorrow, I am watching Spongebob. Due to my terrifyingly awesome luck, the episode they were airing was the one where every single resident of Bikini Bottom went missing. So being the paranoid coward I am, I got a blanket and three pillows to protect me from the dangers that lurk in the dark. And possibly evil boats.

Armed with three pillows and a blanket, I am ready to face any evil being of the night who might want to abduct me and open me up for observation and or experimentation. Then I will be called a hero for saving mankind from being enslaved by an armada of alien ghosts! Probably.


This is taking longer than I expected.

So while waiting for said beings, I shall tell you a little bit about myself. And being a very disorganized person, I shall use bullets.

  • Okay, this is stupid.
As you can see, I give up very easily. This is also the reason why--oh my God an alie--

Lesson for the day: Never ramble while fending off alien ghosts.