About Me

My blog title is 100% false.

I am not an acrobat. Never was and never will be. And I'm not exactly a good flee-er for my slightly fat and slightly pudgy legs refuse to take me any faster than 1 meter per minute.

This is an about me page, so I'm supposed to post stuff about me, right? Right.

I'd tell you I'm fifteen but that would be boring. So instead, I'll give you a list of my super awesome super powers:
  1. Night vision that works only during the day.
  2. I can fly for all of 2 seconds.
Okay, that wasn't exactly a long list. But they're still super powers!

I love procrastinating on SparkLife so I end up having to forgo precious sleep to cram for tests and projects. I basically subsist on caffeine.

I love alliterations that don't make sense! (Just in case you can't tell from my blog title.)
Abysmal absquatulations after assassinating alliterating acrobats always alters Bohemian babies. (My alliteration may or may not have been a bit off there.)

I have mad MS Paint skills. 

My life motto: Sleep is for the weak.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha! "Sleep is for the weak" - Priceless!

    Love your blog so far, fellow Sparkler!!!