Sunday, 29 January 2012

is it normal to follow 46 blogs?

According to spellcheck, "blogs" is not a word. Neither is "blog." (Unless you put it in quotation marks which I only found out three seconds ago.) But because I post/write/type, I have a poetic license. (Two actually, if you count my fake one where I state that I am six and eighteen years old at the same time.) And because this is my "blog," I am free to abuse my PL. But I do that mainly for two reasons: 1} to look more professional (Esp. in English class), 2} it's an excuse for bad speling and inerroneus grammage and 3} because I can. And since I'm good-ish at math (which according to spellcheck is also not a word), I also have a counting license which I abuse to list three reasons when I said I'll only list two.

And again, I got seriously off track. Stupid spellcheck. (Also not a word according to it.)


I was stalking flyergirl's blog list last night (and midnight). She follows around.. 50 blogs. And I followed half of the ones on her list. And now I follow 46. Some of them have stopped blogging, which is sad. (LEMONS DON'T MAKE LEMONADE, COME BACK ;_;)

But life went on and I found The Toble Chronicles which is an awesome site because 1} it's by a dude who speaks with a British accent (well, that's what it says on his profile), 2} it's random and hilarious, 3} said British-accent dude posts everyday so I'll always have somewhere to go when I'm "doing homework," 4} it's basically just comics so there are very few words, which is perfect for when my brain is half-dead from chemistry, 4} it's by a dude who speaks with a British accent. * (Counting license!)

I also found tons of other awesome blogs which I'm too lazy to list down and write about at the moment because I'm supposed to be working on Chem problem sets about chemical kittens or something like that.

But you can find them by clicking on the drawing of a badly misshapen human with a broken spine on a green background somewhere on the right panel!

And again, I got off track.

I know I asked twice if it's normal to follow 46 blogs. I honestly do not give a damn. I'm just posting and rambling about nothing in particular because I'm avoiding homework.

Lesson for the day: Screw this I don't want to think.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

it is midnight and i am knitting

obviously, i am bored. i won't use proper capitalization or anything because this isn't really considered a post. it's more of a status update. like in facebook. but it's posted on blogspot. because i am bored and not in the right mental state.

and i wasn't kidding when i said i was knitting.

^proof of my boredom.

Friday, 27 January 2012

religion class massacres brain cells

(I still love God no matter how much I hate Religion classes and teachers.)

(Note: I'm not gonna go all holy in this post because that is not my thing.)

(Don't you think it's weird that I put the previous sentence in parentheses then made it bold? Because I definitely do.) (Not bold-nude. Bold-bold.) (But why did I do it even though I think it's weird? No idea.)


We're discussing the Beatitudes this quarter and we're on the third now. And to start off the lesson, our teacher asked us:

"What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "gentleness."

To be completely honest, the first two things that come to mind when I hear "gentleness" are 1) the word "gentle" and 2) the suffix "-ness." But then she called on me to "share my thoughts" and I obviously couldn't "share my thoughts" lest I want a failing mark. So I stuck with "feather."

But nooo. She wasn't contented with my answer and asked me one of the most annoying questions that just begged for a sarcastic answer: "WHY?" Why are feathers gentle? Gee, I have no idea. Probably because of their razor sharp edges and badass karate skills. But since I didn't want to have to schedule a meeting with the SA coordinator, I just answered "because they're soft and light and... gentle." And now I feel so stupid.

After she called on a few more students, she asked another very thought-provoking question:


I tried to be a good student who actively participates in class because that is what I put in my NY's resolution. I tried to think of a not sarcastic answer to the question. Luckily, she didn't call me this time.

My classmates gave such wonderful answers:


Such profound answers! I was thinking more along the lines of "forceful" or "aggressive" or anything longer than "bad." No wonder our English teacher hates teaching our batch. And to think we're all juniors.

She decided to ask a follow-up question to make it look like she actually cares about what we think is the opposite of "gentle":

"And when are you hard to someone?"

When you are a guy and someone is giving you an erection.

Hey, don't blame me for thinking like that in a Religion class. She could've rephrased the question to make it sound a bit better.

Lesson for the day: Indifference means inequality. According to our Rel teacher. Must remember to give her a dictionary for Valentine's.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

i can't breathe (coping with snot)

You know what sucks worse than a lamprey? (<--TOTALLY NOT A JOKE, YEAH.)

Having a cold.

Well, no, it really doesn't, but it's still horrible when you know your immune system could've done a better job of keeping the cold bacteria/germs/who-the-hell-cares-what-they're-called out. It could interfere with your studies and then you'd fail a quiz and then you'd lose all hope and exert no effort for the rest of the school year and then you won't get into any college and then you'll have no job and then you'll die alone and the world will end ALL BECAUSE OF A COLD. (I know that last sentence was grammatically incorrect in several ways.)

And if you have a cold (which I'm pretty sure you don't), do not worry, friend. You are not alone. I am here with you. Though you're far away. Yes, that was very creepy and uncalled for.

I really have no idea where I'm going with this post, so I'll just share with you my totally gross and miserable way of coping with my cold. (My cold? A cold? Colds? Must research about the correct way to call this.)


My ingenious solution:

I recommend this method to all you sick people out there because if you're lucky, all your snot will be caught by your magical hanky when you sneeze. If not, all your snot will stick to your face and those rolled-up, snot-filled bits of tissue will stick to the face of the person closest to you.

Lesson for the day: We must tell our mothers to give our maids a raise for all the sacrifices they do for us, i.e. washing our snot-filled hankies. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

twilight is actually a good thing


I love Harry Potter waaay more than Twilight. And though I think Twilight is horrible, I realize that there are a few good things about it that may or may not be related the actual book.

Our common hate/annoyance for the people who illogically argue that "Twilight is better than Harry Potter" brings us closer together and make us even prouder of being HP fans. And though we HP fans aren't superior to Twilight fans, said illogical arguments make us feel otherwise.

You also have to admit they're pretty funny.

And it's even funnier when a die-hard HP fan answers the arguments.

Lesson for the day: There is no lesson where Twilight is involved. But hey, who's up to debating with this chick?

the US government sucks

For two reasons.

1. All governments are corrupt so they automatically suck.

2. SOPA. Do you know about the Stop Online Piracy Act? If you had a research paper due last January 19 like I did, you most probably do!

I had a busy week last week so I only had time to do our research paper last Wednesday. The research paper was supposed to be a group thing, but since we all know "group work" means "I do the group's work," I did the group's work.

I asked my group mates to do this part of Chapter 1 and research this and that for Chapter 2 and not to just copy-paste whole paragraphs from shady sites. But as expected, they did just that. So that leaves me to do the actual research from said shady sites. The only comfort I had was knowing that Wikipedia would have all the answers I needed. So research I did!
le me, doing research.

I knew a few days before that Wikipedia was having a black-out on the 18th, but due to stress and sleep-deprivation, I forgot. So imagine my annoyance when I clicked on the Wikipedia link and got redirected to this:


In my head, I was all: "Oh, fuck you, Wikipedia. You're just a useless pile of pixels that makes everyone's internet connection slower." Then after a while, I felt bad for what I said and apologized to Wiki and decided to blame the US government (and our research teacher) instead for my suffering.

PS: Guess what time I woke up the next day? I DIDN'T! 'Cause I didn't go to sleep and ended up falling asleep in all my classes.

Lesson for the day: When all else fails, just go to bed.

our research teacher better make sure she doesn't come back from the US

Let me tell you guys about my research teacher.

She is female and, given her outer appearance (one torso, two arms, two legs, one head, two eyes, hair, etc.), is (presumably) human. She's one of the very few teachers in our school who can speak fluent and formal English, which automatically means she is to be taken seriously. She hates kids, teaching, school, kids, teaching kids, and everything else related to the things I've just mentioned. Makes me wonder why she decided to be a teacher. Probably had a horrible student life and decided to take revenge on the future generations by stealing a chunk of their tuitions fees (i.e., her salary) and depriving them of a competent research teacher (by working). She should just hole up in some corner and die.

But I digress.

She has a, er.. unique (read totally ineffective) style of teaching. We're only allowed to take notes after the discussion, so if we forget even just the tiniest detail/number/word, we might as well just forget about what little hope we had of passing her class. 

Also, no one understands the lessons because she goes through them with the speed of light. Here's an accurate illustration of how our classes (if we ever have them 'cause she usually doesn't show up) go:

As you can see, I used a gingerbread man to represent her because a gingery pastry seems less intimidating and less harmful than the actual thing.

When she gives out quizzes, she never bothers to discuss the answers or give us back our papers so we have no idea if we did good or bad (but it's most likely the latter).


Because I might "accidentally" stab her in the eye with a sharp pencil if I ever see her in the school (or anywhere else for that matter).

You see, we have a research paper that we need to hand in at the end of the school year. We were supposed to do the actual experiment on the second and third quarter, and then finalize the paper on the fourth. She made us do the draft for Chapters 1-3 on the second quarter and we passed it with the data and observations at the end of the third quarter. 

When we got back from the Christmas break, we found out that she migrated to the US and our Chemistry teacher's substituting! All was well and good 'til we realized that she did not give us back our drafts and data. 

Our Chem teacher said we were supposed to hand our final research paper in before the finals, but we had to pass the not-final research paper by Thursday. (She told us this last Monday.) So the whole class panicked and we begged her to give us an extension. She told us she really needed to see what we've done so far and no, she couldn't give us an extension. We told her [Gingerbread] didn't give us back our draft and data so we had to start over and blah. She explained that [Gingerbread] was supposed to send those to her over the weekend but [Gingerbread] didn't so we only had to pass Chapters 1-3 on Thursday. 

That was a big relief but we still had to start over since we didn't have a copy of Chapters 1-3. [Gingerbread] told us NOT to computerize it so none of us did. And if she didn't give us back our data, we're gonna have to either a) do the experiment thing again or b) fabricate the data. 

We're all leaning towards option B.

Lesson for the day: Gingerbread men would make better research teachers.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

friday the 13th came a little late for me

So far, my day has been horrible. This morning, I was researching about our Chief Justice's impeachment trial which I really could not care about (although I really should care) when I could've been outside, doing.. well, there's not much to do. But hey, anything's better than reading about corrupt politicians.

So after staring at articles and statements and stuff, I decided to just play Tetris. And then this happened:

It would've been better if I did lose my connection. But I didn't. And the close button doesn't work either. The game went on with that thing blocking my view. So, naturally, I lost. And ranked down. Internal server error my ass.

So after the game, I decided I was hungry. I got some food from the fridge and stuck it in the microwave. No, the microwave didn't explode (although it would've been awesome if it did). It just... didn't work. The light thingy was on and it was making the mmmrrrfff noise, but food wasn't spinning. After it beeped, I poked the tuna and it was cold to the touch. So I set it for another 30 seconds and it was still cold. I tried for a third time but nothing happened. I took out the plate and slammed the microwave door out of annoyance. For some reason, my brother got pissed and warningly shouted my name. I ate my cold tuna in silence and when I finished, I went back to computering (yes it's a verb now). I was still pissed at my brother so I told him "I'm sorry if my keyboard's making noise." He lunged at me and tried to strangle me. This was, by far, the most exciting, yet the most annoying thing that happened to me today. Although it was somewhat disappointing 'cause I was kind of hoping our fight would go something like this:

With all the body slams and maybe even wrestling masks. But nooo. I wasn't expecting that kind of response so I just sat there on the computer chair, awkwardly trying to get his hand away from my neck while deciding on my next move. We sort of looked like this:

So when I was finally able to think a bit clearer, I decided to throw him down like in the movies. I stood up and tried to do it, but he won't budge. I gave up and decided to just push him. To my horrible luck, he fell on a chair with a pile of pillows and obviously, wasn't hurt.

But hey, I found a funny picture of our Chief Justice!

..Okay, it isn't that funny. But you have to agree that it's a potential internet meme! (There should be some sort of caption somewhere there.) Aaaand he sort of looks like this guy!


Lesson for the day: I should've learned something about the impeachment trial, but... no.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

diamonds are a student's best friend

Was my grammar in the above statement wrong? Probably. But that's not the point! A point is an undefined fundamental geometric figure that has no dimension and is used to define a location and is represented by an ordered pair. But again, that's not the point. (Figuratively.)

A diamond is an allotrope of carbon wherein a carbon atom is connected to four other carbon atoms in a tetrahedral position. (Or something like that.) How did I know this? I didn't! I just guessed. All I knew was that diamond is pure carbon. I don't even know what the hell an allotrope is.

But why are diamonds students' best friends?

1} When the teacher asks something about it, you don't even have to listen to the question! This will allow you have undisturbed daydreams (that is, if your teacher's crazy enough to dedicate a whole session to discuss the properties of diamonds.. which is unlikely). If you hear "allotrope," "carbon," and "tetrahedral" in one sentence, you already know the answer. (Clue: It's not buckminsterfullerine.*) 

2} You can use it to bribe your teachers. Or you can just pelt them with semi-large chunks of it 'til they give you a high mark. Diamonds are hard to get, but they're totally worth the effort.

3} The chemical composition's ridiculously easy to write.

It's just a big, fat C.

* A shorter name for that would be fullerite. The keywords for that are "allotrope," "carbon," "60 atoms," and "soccer-ball-like."

Lesson for the day: 9gag can be educational. No, I'm not crazy... yet.