Friday, 27 January 2012

religion class massacres brain cells

(I still love God no matter how much I hate Religion classes and teachers.)

(Note: I'm not gonna go all holy in this post because that is not my thing.)

(Don't you think it's weird that I put the previous sentence in parentheses then made it bold? Because I definitely do.) (Not bold-nude. Bold-bold.) (But why did I do it even though I think it's weird? No idea.)


We're discussing the Beatitudes this quarter and we're on the third now. And to start off the lesson, our teacher asked us:

"What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "gentleness."

To be completely honest, the first two things that come to mind when I hear "gentleness" are 1) the word "gentle" and 2) the suffix "-ness." But then she called on me to "share my thoughts" and I obviously couldn't "share my thoughts" lest I want a failing mark. So I stuck with "feather."

But nooo. She wasn't contented with my answer and asked me one of the most annoying questions that just begged for a sarcastic answer: "WHY?" Why are feathers gentle? Gee, I have no idea. Probably because of their razor sharp edges and badass karate skills. But since I didn't want to have to schedule a meeting with the SA coordinator, I just answered "because they're soft and light and... gentle." And now I feel so stupid.

After she called on a few more students, she asked another very thought-provoking question:


I tried to be a good student who actively participates in class because that is what I put in my NY's resolution. I tried to think of a not sarcastic answer to the question. Luckily, she didn't call me this time.

My classmates gave such wonderful answers:


Such profound answers! I was thinking more along the lines of "forceful" or "aggressive" or anything longer than "bad." No wonder our English teacher hates teaching our batch. And to think we're all juniors.

She decided to ask a follow-up question to make it look like she actually cares about what we think is the opposite of "gentle":

"And when are you hard to someone?"

When you are a guy and someone is giving you an erection.

Hey, don't blame me for thinking like that in a Religion class. She could've rephrased the question to make it sound a bit better.

Lesson for the day: Indifference means inequality. According to our Rel teacher. Must remember to give her a dictionary for Valentine's.

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