Sunday, 15 January 2012

friday the 13th came a little late for me

So far, my day has been horrible. This morning, I was researching about our Chief Justice's impeachment trial which I really could not care about (although I really should care) when I could've been outside, doing.. well, there's not much to do. But hey, anything's better than reading about corrupt politicians.

So after staring at articles and statements and stuff, I decided to just play Tetris. And then this happened:

It would've been better if I did lose my connection. But I didn't. And the close button doesn't work either. The game went on with that thing blocking my view. So, naturally, I lost. And ranked down. Internal server error my ass.

So after the game, I decided I was hungry. I got some food from the fridge and stuck it in the microwave. No, the microwave didn't explode (although it would've been awesome if it did). It just... didn't work. The light thingy was on and it was making the mmmrrrfff noise, but food wasn't spinning. After it beeped, I poked the tuna and it was cold to the touch. So I set it for another 30 seconds and it was still cold. I tried for a third time but nothing happened. I took out the plate and slammed the microwave door out of annoyance. For some reason, my brother got pissed and warningly shouted my name. I ate my cold tuna in silence and when I finished, I went back to computering (yes it's a verb now). I was still pissed at my brother so I told him "I'm sorry if my keyboard's making noise." He lunged at me and tried to strangle me. This was, by far, the most exciting, yet the most annoying thing that happened to me today. Although it was somewhat disappointing 'cause I was kind of hoping our fight would go something like this:

With all the body slams and maybe even wrestling masks. But nooo. I wasn't expecting that kind of response so I just sat there on the computer chair, awkwardly trying to get his hand away from my neck while deciding on my next move. We sort of looked like this:

So when I was finally able to think a bit clearer, I decided to throw him down like in the movies. I stood up and tried to do it, but he won't budge. I gave up and decided to just push him. To my horrible luck, he fell on a chair with a pile of pillows and obviously, wasn't hurt.

But hey, I found a funny picture of our Chief Justice!

..Okay, it isn't that funny. But you have to agree that it's a potential internet meme! (There should be some sort of caption somewhere there.) Aaaand he sort of looks like this guy!


Lesson for the day: I should've learned something about the impeachment trial, but... no.


  1. I see you on my blog all the time, and I know you must be a Sparkler, but I don't know your SL username...and what kind of a cruel lunatic would make you care about the chief justice's impeachment trial?

  2. I am! My username's carlorossiriver. And that cruel lunatic would be my Social Studies teacher.