Thursday, 26 April 2012

to the person who found my blog by googling "old people having sex"

Seriously, why would you even want to see that?  Googling Ian's penis is more justifiable. 

Sorry to disappoint you but I do not post photos or videos of naked senior citizens "going forth and multiplying."


The child within.
I'll be gone for a few weeks for I will try to... "find myself."  Try to reconnect with the "child within."  And if you know me in real life,* you'd know this is complete bull and I really have no idea what I'm saying.

*I'm pretty sure you don't but if you do, I suggest you read the notice on the right panel, the one with the mercat.

I'm going to try to stay away from the internet 'cause I have to study for college entrance exams (something I really should've done a month ago but didn't because I am a lazy, unproductive bum) so I could get into a good college and not starve on the streets, hanging only onto half a loaf of stale bread for life.

So I won't be able to read any of your blogs (sad face) or post anything on mine (YAY. Jk.).  BUT I'll try to post something before school starts again in June.


You're all hot, sexy bottles of chilli sauce for finding me funny/ interesting/ not-so-terrible!  (I'm not very good with analogies.)

What do you know!  It's not a toilet.
Here's a cookie for putting up with my terrible jokes.

(Keep laughing at my corny jokes and I might actually give you your hearts' greatest desires.  Toilets.  No need to thank me.) (I'm sorry, I like toilets.  Yes, I need to see a shrink.)

And because I am obsessed with animal porn (which may or may not be illegal in some countries), here's a link to find out your chances of surviving an intense lovemaking session with bigfoot!

And because I love Cup of Team so much 
(Click on the giant ellipses.)

And because people like to Google other people's penises,  I shall post a photo of Josh Hutcherson's (not) penis to get more views!

Look at that sexy sack of sperm cells jawline.

And because I like saying and because, here's a picture of you!
I drawed you guys

Someone should give me this for my birthday.

Lesson for the day: When in Singapore, don't believe signs/notices unless they have "prohibited by law" on them.

See you guys in June!  Or whenever I decide to give up on my future which might not take so long now that I think about it.  I'll miss you guys!


  1. Good luck kiddo. Hope you do all good 'n shit.

    Your toilets will be missed.

  2. You make sure you come back. We'll be right here waiting for you. But never try to be normal! I need to look at what searches have brought people to my blog. If any. If you ever want to talk to someone just poke me on Twitter. I'll wake up eventually.

  3. People find my blog googling some weird shit too.



  4. Haha! I wonder who searched that in the first place?! It's just plain wrong! But anyway...good luck! x

  5. I just found your wonderful blog, and you're deciding to not post until June!! What!

  6. WHAT. I wish you were back already.

  7. I like the book idea! I should write something on it. Someone once found my blog by googling, "crazy people who don't know they are crazy."

    Not sure how to take that one, but I'll take it.

    We are giving you until June...

  8. Yes!! I love toilets!! Coincidentally, my man part has been called a sexy bottle of chili sauce. You don't want to know how many pepper I ate to make that happen... Yeah...

    The fire under my version of the picture will be hell for that, probably.

  9. The stuff some people search to find my blog, you simply would not believe. Some of which is too rude to even write here. Too rude for ME! i have no faith in the human race anymore.

  10. I tagged you in a meme so when you have time come check it out! :) x

  11. Is this really how you want to portray yourself?