Thursday, 15 December 2011

i am freeee--oh wait no

We were taking the last exam as the bell rang. While everyone else in the school was rejoicing and declaring "WE'RE FREEEE," us juniors were fretting over the last few pages of our chem exam while screaming at our poor teachers "NO! WTF! FIVE MORE FUCKING MINUTES!"

But, no. Those cruel, heartless bastards did not give us a five minute extension.

Although I did feel a sense of relief when I passed my test papers though half of the last page was blank. No more exams to worry about. No more projects and papers and all-nighters. I can finally sleep at 8pm and wake up at 1pm. I don't need to drown myself in coffee anymore. The imaginary people that work in my brain were all rejoicing and partying already. They were burning down the boxes of paper labelled "school." But then one killjoy worker reminded everyone that we still had to go to school tomorrow for the songfest. And that I still had to go to school on Monday to help with the outreach program stuff lest I face the wrath of our student affairs coordinator. At that moment, I guess every worker in my brain wanted to bludgeon that killjoy employee. Even I wanted to fire him. But I couldn't 'cause he was one of the very few ones that worked to organize my memory (although they're not doing a very good job).

What goes on in my pink, mushy brain.

I was also happy to know that I wasn't the only one who was waiting for our chem teacher to walk through the doors and tell us that "there's something wrong with the choices for the freezing point questions so we're giving that as a bonus happy birthday!" 'cause none of our answers matched any of the choices. But unfortunately, this did not happen.

Headdesk. Yes, I'm running out of photos.

But I guess it's okay 'cause in two days, I am a free woman. Well, not really 'cause I still have to read a stupid book for school if I want to pass third year. *sigh* I am not a fan of Tagalog novels. But I will find a way to make up for this quarter's bad grades. I mean I'll try. But we all know where that gets us.

So anyway, tomorrow is the day that I lose my dignity songfest! I am overjoyed and I simply cannot wait!

Lesson for the day: Colligative is different from Colgate. Christmas does not always equal miracles.

No, this is not related.

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