Saturday, 10 December 2011

pros and cons of horrible weather

It's December so that means... it's freaking cold! Oh, and of course Christmas is near. But that's not the point. (Just kidding. I love Christmas!) ... It's cold! Well, not really cold. It's just colder than other months. And since there's less humidity, there are less chances of rain, right? No. The clouds here are bipolar and they bring rain whenever the hell they feel like it. Bastards. Like yesterday. We were supposed to have our songfest, but classes got suspended in the afternoon so they had to move it to next week. I'm not exactly sure if this is a good thing or not. Well, I was able to eat out with my friends so I guess it's sort of a good thing. Anyway.

Reasons the rain makes makes me happy
1. The songfest was moved! We were momentarily spared from the humiliation of singing in front of a hundred parents and professionals.
2. Classes are suspended!
3. After the rain... is a rainbow! Probably.
4. At least it's not a tornado.
5. It's fun to play in the rain and get wet. Even in my uniform.
6. It's like bathing! Minus the soap and clean anti-bacterial stuff which is the main purpose of bathing.
7. It can be a great inspiration for that 7-stanza poem that's due on Monday.
8. Kissing in the rain is extremely cheesy and romantic.
9. The clouds are bipolar so I can always use that unexpected storm as an excuse for not having my homework.
10. It's the perfect opportunity to show off your cute umbrella!

Reasons the rain sucks
1. The songfest was moved. Our suffering is prolonged. We have to practice the song while cramming for a bazillion tests and projects.
2. Classes are suspended. We're going to have to cram all the lessons in one day. Kill me now.
3. After the rain... is still rain! And dark clouds that may or may not signify impending doom.
4. It could possibly lead to a tornado.
5. It is not fun to play in the rain with my bag still attached to my body. Else, I will end up with soggy textbooks and illegible blobs of ink that were once my notes.
6. The rain is 80% pee. Lots of bacteria and gross there.
7. It ruined my 7-stanza poem that I was supposed to pass yesterday.
8. I don't have a boyfriend to kiss in the rain. Seeing people kiss in the rain makes me want to barf out of loneliness. 
9. The clouds are bipolar. One minute, it's sunny, the next, you're helplessly trying to keep your head above the water. 
10. You don't always have an umbrella. Or it can cripple your super cute umbrella.

Bipolar weather:
You're just innocently walking on the sidewalk, then 5 seconds later, you're struggling to keep your feet on the ground (though submerged in garbage and dirty flood water that's probably 80% rat pee) while desperately holding onto your umbrella.

Lesson for the day: Bring an umbrella. Or have mad boat-making skills.

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  1. My school is bipolar. You can tell what hallway you're in based on whether it feels like you're in the Arctic or walking through flame. Also, they run heat in the summer and AC in the winter