Saturday, 18 February 2012

how do i earn money?

I've decided to stop stressing about those stupid projects and just be excited for next year because I actually get to choose my elective! (Assuming, of course, that I don't have to repeat third year. I'm just hoping my math grades would be enough to promote me to fourth year.) This is a big thing for my batch because our electives were forced upon us for the past three years and we didn't really enjoy them.

(An elective is an extra class you have to take for God-knows-what. It's supposed to make your high school life fun-er. And by high school life, I meant senior year. And by fun-er, I meant more stressful. But it's still sort of fun I guess.)

We were supposed to pass the list of our top 3 elective choices. Our guidance counselor told us to expect to get in either of the ones we listed but I seriously doubt I'll get into any of mine because bad luck seems to run in the family and my sister didn't get into any of hers when she was a senior.

I was planning on passing this list:

  1. Visual Arts
  2. Visual Arts
  3. Visual Arts
But it was too risky 'cause they were only accepting seven or eight per class. So instead I passed this:
  1. Visual Arts
  2. Creative Writing and Journalism
  3. Basic Psychology
The counselor said she'd be considering the course we're planning to take in college, our interest, and our skill in choosing where to put us. I'm good-ish at art, but I have a feeling I'll end up in Basic Psych 'cause almost everyone knows I'm planning to take Psychology. That's why I made it my third choice. I suck at writing so I made it my second. And of course, I want to take Visual so I made it my first. DEAR LORD PLEASE LET THEM PUT ME IN VISUAL I SWEAR I WON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE REQUIREMENTS AND STUFF. I'll probably break that promise next year, and youtube's being an asshole and I can't watch anything right now and this isn't really related but what the hell.

And I just realized how not related to the post title this is. Sorry. I'll get to that.

Even though our school is practicing "simplicity" they're expecting all of us to have our own cameras. (C'mon, people. We live in a third-world country. There are beggars just outside the gate and children are starving in Africa. POVERTY, MAN.) And because my dad is so very not supportive, he won't give me a camera, which I will need for next year (if I get in Visual which I will, right, God? Wink wink.) because we need to pass a photo album for the exhibit and I can't just borrow people's cameras since I'm an accident prone person and their cameras might explode when I touch them. So I'll have to save money to buy my own camera. Which is hard because of my tiny allowance and inflation and world hunger and the increasing crime rate in our street. So this is where the post title comes in: HOW THE FUCK DO I EARN MONEY? And don't tell me to do these:
  1. Babysitting. I'm not very good with annoying children. I don't know my way around kitchens so I might accidentally feed the kid dishwashing detergent. There are no babies to sit on here.
  2. Tutoring. Yeah, I'm sorta good at math, but my explanations are more complicated than the ones in the textbook. Also, I'm terrified of teaching people 'cause I might teach them the wrong stuff and they're going to fail and ruin their futures and die alone and it'll all be my fault.
  3. Carwash. Cars will explode the moment I touch their hoods. Also, I might drown in a bucket of soapwater. Don't ask me how.
  4. Chores. I tried to ask my mom if she'd be willing to pay me to do house chores like cleaning windows, giving our imaginary pet dragon a bath, making the garden look like a garden, etc. She told me to cook my own food or pay her to do it. Point taken. Obviously, she doesn't like the idea.
  5. Work at McD's. This is the most decent idea I have but I easily get confused so I might mess up orders and stuff. So maybe this isn't really my most decent idea.
So... is there any hope for me to earn money?

Lesson for the day: When writing a story in first person, avoid using phrases like "beads of sweat" or something equally fancy-sounding because no one says that in real life. Unless you're just that kind of person then go ahead.


  1. If you find a tutoring business that trains its employees properly, that would probably be nicer and pay better than McD's. :)

    At least, that's what I'm trying to get a job doing at the moment...

  2. We got to pick our own subjects for our last two years, but we got to pick four of them. Though some of them counted as two choices, and sadly psychology was not one of them or I would have dived upon it. As for money, sorry I don't really know. You can put adverts on your blog but it could take a while to get any money.

  3. When I was at university I used to make and sell soap...

  4. I'm not sure. I was going to say that you could take a custom image from me and print posters that you could sell, but if you don't have a camera, then you probably don't have a printer that will do the poster.

    Can you sing or play an instrument? If so, maybe perform for donations?

  5. Awesome electives! and you should work at some kind of fast food place or waaay better, retail (less hard work, more talking to people).

  6. I tried to work at Burger King when I was younger...that didn't go quite as I had planned, but I made a little bit of change for my pocket.

  7. Damn shame about the camera! Every person should have a camera and a computer and access to the internet (along with food and shelter!)

  8. You can make a little money with a soft mouth and complete lack of self respect...

    Moving on, I remember in my first year of uni I took International Relations as a bonus subject. Awful choice. Not only was I terrible at the subject, but the class was full of whacko's. There was a guy from Turkey and a girl from London of Islamic decent who were all about bringing down the West, while opposite them sat two Americans who bled the Stars and Stripes. Then, there was another Englishman obsessed with WW2, and everything came back to some battle or campaign from that war, which was utterly unrelated to the subject. And to top it off, the Italian tutor would also be 'Hey Matt, why you so sad!?' because I was utterly fed up with the class, and then she'd throw a pizza in my face. /end stereotyping.

    /end ridiculously long comment.