Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I'm alive

I'll be quick with this 'cause I still have to do homework and study and stuff.

I'm really really really sorry I haven't read any of your blogs for the past few days! I've been busy with school work and my imaginary love life. I'll stalk your blogs after our finals. I will shower your posts with comments when exams are over. (No, not really BUT I STILL LOVE YOU.)

So here's a video of two chickens having passionate sex.

..Yeah, I'm crazy.

Oh, and I made a twitter Yay. I still don't know how to use it though. You can creep over to my page for signs of life when you're worried that I'm already dead or something.!/jubanyu

Lesson learned: Einstein had first-hand experience at childbirth. Don't ask me how.


  1. AHHH MAJOR double-take with that video! @_@ I'll have to watch it when I'm not in class though. Also, your twitter bio may give me nightmares...

  2. I'm not even watching the chicken porn. But glad to know you're alive.

  3. Don't worry too much about being busy :)

  4. Chicken porn... nah, but hope things get less busy for you!

  5. We'll be here when ya ever wanna check in. The blogosphere will always hold down the home fort.

    ::scrolls, watches the chicken prawn, shrugs::

    Meh, I've seen/committed worse.

  6. I'll give the chicken pornography a pass. Gotta draw the line somewhere...


  7. Why don't you people want to watch the video? D: It's not really porn :))

  8. I won't ask how, but why? I'm sure Einy will want to answer that one.

    The vid did kind of make me hungry, really hungry for unfertilized chicken embryos. yum.

  9. hahahah, oh boyyy.
    love your blog, by the way! happily following :)
    stop by sometime, follow back if you like it?