Saturday, 11 February 2012

my leg is beautifully silver

Last week, I bought a lot of unnecessary school stuff from NBS. I bought 4 whiteboard markers, two rolls of tape, a super Sharpie twin tip, a silver Sharpie, and lots of scented paper and mini notebooks I didn't really need. 

I used the Sharpies to make fake tattoos and vandalize the cubicle doors at school. I brought them with me almost everywhere I went. I bonded with them and I hoped they would last at least a month or two.

But just the other day, my silver Sharpie dried up. I rarely get to go out so it would be a long time before I could buy another one. So I tried to bring it back to life. I tried shaking it, throwing it, stabbing people with it, but nothing worked. So I sought advice from Google. 

I didn't want to cut the tip or wet it with water/alcohol/oil lest I permanently damage it so I tried the tie-it-to-a-string-then-spin-it-over-your-head-for-a-few-seconds method 'cause the one who suggested this mentioned something about centrifugal force (no idea what that is) so I thought it must work. But since I was too lazy to get string at the time, I used my school tie instead and taped it to the end of the marker then spun it over my head for twenty seconds. I think I went overboard with the centrifugal force thingy because instead of wetting the tip, most of the ink just ended up in the cap. And because I was being stupid, I forgot about the ink in the cap and held it over my shorts while testing the Sharpie. After three minutes, I had a huge silver spot on my shorts and a bigger silver smudge on my leg. I tried rubbing it off but the stain just spread so I gave up on it. 


So since the centrithingy force didn't work, I tried to cut a tiny part of the tip off. Still didn't work. I tried to wet it with water, then alcohol, then oil.

Sadly, the marker still doesn't work.

Lesson learned: Sharpies are not meant to be resurrected.

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  1. Poor Sharpie :(
    Poor pants :(

    I used to believe in the whole water resurrection thing that markers do. Then I realized that it doesn't work D: